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Brutal book reviews in philosophy


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I'm looking for examples of brutal book reviews in philosophy that are published in legitimate journals. These two come to mind:

Colin McGinn, "Review of Honderich," The Philosophical Review 116 (2007): 474-477 (

Nina Strohminger, "The Meaning of Disgust: A Refutation," Emotion Review 6.3 (2014): 214-216 (

Can you suggest others?


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Kerry McKenzie; Basic Structures of Reality: Essays in Meta-Physics, by Colin McGinn.. Mind 2013; 122 (487): 813-816. doi: 10.1093/mind/fzt073

as well.


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Some classics:

Wittgenstein on some Aristotelian logician, in The Cambridge Review 34 (1913), p. 351; reprinted in Ludwig Wittgenstein: Philosophical Occassions. Ed. by James Klagge and Alfred Nordmann. Indianapolis: Hackett, 1993, pp. 2-3.

Michael Dummett on Gellner in: Blackfriars 41 (1960), pp. 74-80; reprinted in: Truth and Other Enigmas. Cambridge/Mass.: HUP, 1978, pp. 431-436

Joseph Ullian on Weiss in: Journal of Philosophy 70 (1973), pp. 299-301

Peter Geach on Quinn in: Philosophical Quarterly 30 (1980), pp. 180-181

Charles Pigden on Lovibond in: Australasian Journal of Philosophy 62 (1984), pp. 313-315

James Klagge on Wiggins in: Ethics 107 (1997), pp. 743-746

John Kekes on Nussbaum in: Mind 114 (2005), pp. 439-444

Simon Blackburn on Anscombe in: Times Literary Supplement, 30. September 2005

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Charles Travis on John Searle: theory-of-perception/

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Neil Tennant on Carrie Jenkins:

Philosophia Mathematica, Volume 18, Issue 3, 1 October 2010, Pages 360–367,


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Corcoran on Striker:


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Neil Tennant on Chris Peacocke:


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surprisingly pertinent to the previous post (which reminds me of Brogaard's apparently-now-defunct love blog), Tim Schroeder on Berit Brogaard is pretty good:

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