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5 day(s) ago

The forum appears to be under a certain kind of subtle but very real attack. See the description of 'Forum Sliding' here:

I'll quote it too:

If a very sensitive posting of a critical nature has been posted on a forum - it can be quickly removed from public view by 'forum sliding.' In this technique a number of unrelated posts are quietly prepositioned on the forum and allowed to 'age.' Each of these misdirectional forum postings can then be called upon at will to trigger a 'forum slide.' The second requirement is that several fake accounts exist, which can be called upon, to ensure that this technique is not exposed to the public. To trigger a 'forum slide' and 'flush' the critical post out of public view it is simply a matter of logging into each account both real and fake and then 'replying' to prepositined postings with a simple 1 or 2 line comment. This brings the unrelated postings to the top of the forum list, and the critical posting 'slides' down the front page, and quickly out of public view. Although it is difficult or impossible to censor the posting it is now lost in a sea of unrelated and unuseful postings. By this means it becomes effective to keep the readers of the forum reading unrelated and non-issue items.

I don't have an immediate solution, but the problem strikes me as rather serious when it comes to the health of the forum -- certainly as serious as the libelous material that sometimes finds its way here.


5 day(s) ago

You are talking about the New Thread Necropoly?


4 day(s) ago

I think so but not sure? I hope the OP clarifies. :/


4 day(s) ago

Somebody is bringing up all old threads mentioning Leiter. Please put them back in the queue where they belong. This is clearly an attempt to either embarrass Leiter or hide some other thread.


2 day(s) ago

Write a script that auto removes any post containing phrases like "auto insurance", "personal loan", "viagra", "cialis", "credit check", etc.

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