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"diversity in citation" - APA new code of ethics in publishing


11 day(s) ago

I'm sure that's why Fairfield invited her.


But why did Ferrer accept if she's not planning to adopt it at the APA?


11 day(s) ago

Of course they're plotting to have the APA adopt it. And when that happens hopefully we'll manage to mobilize real philosophers to leave that shell of a learned society.


10 day(s) ago

The ultimate goal is almost certainly to get the APA to adopt this code, but I bet the initial goal in having Ferrer on the committee was to win the grant in the first place. They can make it look like this project is in service to the discipline as a whole without raising flags by making it an official project before the funding is secured. I'm assuming (perhaps wrongly) that the Mellon Foundation granting committee would not get into the weeds far enough to be aware of the Tuvel affair. It would be interesting to look at the grant application. Is that public?


10 day(s) ago

For someone who's a White Male (those dreaded creatures!) to give money to the APA is like a mouse giving money to the Assiciation for the Advancement of Cats. if you're not a member of the Blessed Diverse, then the APA is actively working to harm your career prospects.


...which is why we need an alternative professional association. We need a way for philosophers with a wide variety of views to send a low key signal that they dissent from the orthodoxy. And we need a non-anonymous forum for these philosophers to network.


No, dissent must be outspoken, clear and unbowed. No scuttling in the shadows like cellar rats. Write the papers that need to be written. Directly engage with the specific orthodoxies you disagree with. You will face pushback but you will also mobilise others and build strong networks. Bring the disputes out into the open and have at it.


10 day(s) ago

Sorry, I misread: you said "non-anonymous". I agree.


10 day(s) ago

Ullin is probably right. The Fairfield group does want the APA to adopt the finished product, but there was an intermediary goal of getting the funding, which was served by bringing Ferrer on board.

It will be interesting to see what happens (assuming this assessment is correct) when the 'code' comes to the board for a vote of adoption.

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