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My email Invitation from "International Journal of Philosophy"; anyone else receive this?


65 day(s) ago

"Have the possibility to be promoted to be the Chief Editor of the journal"

Dear ***

Year's greetings and best wishes!

Here is the warmest greeting from the editorial office of International Journal of Philosophy (, an open access, peer-reviewed journal which publishes original research papers.

We have learnt about your article with the title *** and we are attracted by the subject.

Philosophy has always been a hotspot, appealing to many people. All scholars and experts are welcomed to propose a special issue on the related categories. You will be the Lead Guest Editor on the condition that your proposal is passed.

Found a Special Issue and Be the Lead Guest Editor:

A special issue is a collection of papers on a particular theme within the range of the journal. You can spread your new findings and researches through this platform.

It's a good way for you to cooperate with your colleagues or friends to start a special issue and be the Lead Guest Editor.

Privileges of Becoming the Lead Guest Editor:

As the Lead Guest Editor, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Publish one paper for free in your special issue.

Have the possibility to be promoted to be the Chief Editor of the journal.

Receive one hard copy free of charge when the special issue is finished successfully.

Create your own editorial team and share new findings with them in your research area.

Establish your Personal Column on the website and receive a Certificate (soft copy).


65 day(s) ago

Why, worried about possible competition for the coveted Chief Editor position?


65 day(s) ago

Wow, lucky! I wish I could spread my findings and get a soft copy too!


65 day(s) ago

It's only 470 USD to publish!


65 day(s) ago

It's only 470 USD to publish!


is it a brill publication?

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