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Phil Compass


68 day(s) ago

Is it just me or are the "survey" articles increasingly narrow and esoteric?


68 day(s) ago

I usually find them too broad.


68 day(s) ago

I find them poor, generally. SEP, IEP, Routledge, Palgrave, etc. are much better.


67 day(s) ago

Phil Compass is hit or miss, and always has been. Some reproduce what's already available in survey articles from SEP and so forth. Those aren't very useful. And some stray so far from the task of surveying literature that I can't even tell what their point is; this kind of offense is likely well-known to forum-goers here (cough*Dotson*cough). The most interesting and useful ones, in my opinion, take a middle route between "research article arguing for a controversial thesis" and "pure survey".

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