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Marathon PRs of philosophers


72 day(s) ago

Since I am training for my first one, I was wondering what other philosophers have accomplished. What I found:

1. Alan Turing 2:46:03 (British trials 1948)

2. Erik Stei 2:52:46 (Frankfurt 2013)

3. Tuomas Tahko 3:01:43 (Berlin 2012)

4. Wolfgang Lenzen 3:12:58 (Essen 1997), but his Spartathlon finish (2000) seems to be what puts him above us mere mortals

Other philosophers who write about their running don't mention their PRs online, or so it seems. Additions?


72 day(s) ago

Josh Rayman is a philosopher.


71 day(s) ago


Joshua Rayman (Rocket City 2014) 2:38:04

Michael LaBossiere 2:45:03 (?)

Alan Turing 2:46:03 (British trials 1948)

Erik Stei 2:52:46 (Frankfurt 2013)

Tuomas Tahko 3:01:43 (Berlin 2012)

Wolfgang Lenzen 3:12:58 (Essen 1997), also a Spartathlon finisher


69 day(s) ago

Takashi Yagisawa: 2:37:15


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