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Cullison Journal Survey now APA Journal Survey: Are people just no longer filling these out anymore?


107 day(s) ago

I ctl-F'd "2017" and it looks like nobody's filled a journal survey out in over a year.

This used to be so useful. Are people boycotting it? Is the APA not updating it? What's going on?


107 day(s) ago

I've filled out several over the last year. I guess they're just not updating in real time, and they must not have hit the .refresh' button on their end.


107 day(s) ago

After it left Cullison, it went dead. APA doesn't care about it.rather, they showcase the official statistics elsewhere. Both are by now outdated and useless as things change with different editors.


107 day(s) ago

Way more important shit going on at the APA, like figuring out what to print on the pronoun stickers for the next conference


107 day(s) ago

Try asking


106 day(s) ago

I've already asked.

"Although the link to the raw data is still available under the Journey Surveys links at the top of the blog page ... new data points are not showing up because we have used the maximum available space on the server (this should be dealt with soon)”


106 day(s) ago

Cool, thanks Ptolemy!

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