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Is anyone hearing participating in PGR surveys?


18 day(s) ago

Are they different than before? If so, how?


18 day(s) ago

More important question: when will the results be live if the survey finishes December 3? Many grad programs have application deadlines in December!


18 day(s) ago

Can't wait for the 3 or 4 daily nous articles casting indirect shade on the PGR when it goes live. Which thin veils do you think Justin will use in an attempt to shroud his animus? Something something diversity?


17 day(s) ago

Something something bullying?

Something something harm?


17 day(s) ago

Silencing! The PGR silences diverse philosophers working on diverse topics!


17 day(s) ago

"Problematic." The PGR is very "problematic." It might even do violence.


17 day(s) ago

The PGR fails to cite the lived experiences of subaltern philosophers and thereby engages in epistemic injustice.


17 day(s) ago

You joke, but in fact I've personally witnessed the PGR and its editors going around to a schoolyard and picking on young social outcasts. After that, the PGR went and beat people up, harming them. Then, it went around and put duct tape across the mouths of diverse philosophers who were, in fact, working on diverse topics. It was agreed on all sides at that point that it was problematic. Then, it engaged in further violence, putting several people in the hospital. Then, it finally got published, and failed to cite the lived experiences of subaltern philosophers. And it thereby did injustice to epistemology.

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