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'arnold' at Daily Nous - genuine eccentric or ?


129 day(s) ago

His latest, from daniel-stoljar/

arnold · November 7, 2017 at 1:21 pm

Yes new words are needed, though I would drop ‘sub fields’ in favor of “fields”–Could fields of tension represent “organic philosophy” today…

…Through philosophical adaptions -10,000 years ago to the present, the fields of philosophy has grown from small human populations to a populated planet…

…That we include pessimism and optimism as tensors in tensions could also provide us with balance at times too, in what appears to be our progression…

Ever mindful in pursuing our two natures Being here-now


There was recently a discussion of him at Daily Nous. Someone asked JW why he doesn't get rid of them, and JW said they seemed harmless enough.

Sometimes he gets a couple of likes. I think he's getting a bit of a following. Someone suggested he may be an AI, but someone else doubted it, and I sort of doubt it too.

After he was discussed he made a charming appearance and thanked JW for not 'deleting' him too often.

I can never make head or tail of what he says but I like how benign it is, and it's a sort of salve sometimes for all the sharp pointy talk that goes on at DN.

Please, don't hesitate to post bits of arnold that you like, or to speculate or comment on what's going on.


129 day(s) ago

It's worth perusing DN occasionally, to see whether Arnold has written anything recently.

(I don't think there's any other reason, is there?)


129 day(s) ago

I look forward to Arnold's contributions. They're like a box of chocolates.


128 day(s) ago

Gabrielle, +1

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