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Jason Stanley Appreciation Thread


70 day(s) ago

You think a white-black pairing automatically makes a black child? Why are you such a racist? Disgusting.

"Racism? He’s a white guy."

He is married to a black woman and is the father of two black children and understands the black experience as well as anyone, and obviously the racists on this blog can tolerate neither his understanding of the black experience nor the positive things he has done to support racial justice in this country, and for that matter, around the world. You people are really showing your true colours here. I guess it's true what they say about this "blog."



Chuck D says they are all black babies.


70 day(s) ago

God bless Chuck D and God bless Jason Stanley. It's interesting that they are both giants in their respective fields and both helping the rest of the world to get woke.


70 day(s) ago

Unfortunately for you bigots, Jason Stanley has deployed the apparatus of technical work in analytic epistemology and cognitive science to determine the meaning of blackness in its application to his baby mama. You don't have a prayer of defeating such methods.

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