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About the advice on Phil Cocoon...


170 day(s) ago

On Phil Cocoon, MA consistently offers job-seeking advice to the teeming masses of ABDs yearning to pay their credit card bills. Some of this advice is sound. Most of it seems motivated by a genuine, albeit self-indulgent, sense of concern for others. But goddammit I wish that dude would stop generalizing from his own case. Dude got a job at the place where he was a VAP for YEARS beforehand. I don't begrudge him that, but he did not obtained a tt position the usual way. Indeed, this suggests he's one of the least qualified tt job holders to offer advice about get such a job.


170 day(s) ago

Didn't he have at least one other offer that year?


169 day(s) ago

He also offers advice about publishing even though his publications are all weak, and about being a colleague even though he was a notorious bully and jerk in grad school.


169 day(s) ago

Good God, I thought I was the only one who has been secretly laughing about this for years. Glad to know I have company.


169 day(s) ago

If you want generalizations from a recent abnormal case of a job seeker, visit the cocoon.

If you want generalizations from an abnormal case on the hiring end, see any posts by Dan Kaufman purporting to explain how it all works that show up at both Leiter and Daily Nous.

Altogether you'll learn next to nothing about the job market.

For better input, try talking with faculty who have placed many students into jobs at a wide variety of types of institutions over the years.


38 day(s) ago



38 day(s) ago

Arvan was an angry, mean guy through grad school. Borderline psychotic. Resentful with a tendency to stalk Arizona faculty and students.

Now he runs the Cocoon. Maybe his therapist told him do write the blog as a way of overcoming his mental problems.

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